Chondrus Crispus  Sea Moss Capsules (Peruvian) (Irish Moss) (35 Capsules)

Chondrus Crispus Sea Moss Capsules (Peruvian) (Irish Moss) (35 Capsules)

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100% Vegan Capsules 

Helps with joint issues, thyroid, inflammation anywhere in the body.It's an immune system and energy booster, prevents pneumonia, helps keep a healthy heart,keep your metabolism running well,its full of potassium, improve skin health, supports sex drive, dissolves mucus in the body,anti cancerous,anti diabetic, It helps with acne, burns, rashes, has vitamins B12,B1,B2,A,C,D,E,F and K to helps fight off infections in the body.


Sea Moss contains 92 minerals out of 102Sea Moss is more effective internally if you are eating mostly alkaline which means food that will electrify your body such as (fruits, vegetables, smoothies, juices, greens, less food that has to be cooked, nuts, seeds; etc) whole foods/-plant-based. 
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